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I've only listed my most polished software projects here, anything not on this website is usually on my GitHub.

Need a freelance developer?

I'm open to work, wether it be Java, PHP, Node.JS, Python, C++ or anything else you'd rather not do. Just shoot me an email with your proposed idea, and a price, and we can work something out in no time!


Converts youtube videos to mp3 with node.js on the command line. Also generates and allows modification of id3 tags.


Remote, encrypted, cross-platform internet file tranfer & remote shell written in python

The following project is quite old and may not work correctly on all platforms

This browser is intended for easy use on Windows and as such may be a bit finicky to get set up on GNU/Linux, BSD or Macintosh - tread carefully.

PHP File Browser

Ever wanted to create your own home cloud solution? Ever wanted to have it in PHP? This can help!

This online file browser has an easy-to-read JSON options file with a wealth of different configurable options.

As it's under the MIT licence you're free to use this software for any reason and any purpose without restriction.

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